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Chasing Emerald Waves – Taz Knight | dryrobe┬«

I can’t really remember the first time I came out to Ireland. Definitely from around the ages of like 12 to 16, we’d be here every summer camping out of our old school bus that we had, and surfing as much as possible, and just having a good time with the family. For us, it was like our second home in a way and when you have those nostalgic memories of a place, you’re always drawn back to it. Around the end of 2018, I kind of moved out here and I’ve been here for about four years. [Music] When we grew up surfing here as kids, we’d always just be wandering around finding little waves to surf on our own and it was a really great, fun way to explore the coastline.

Because I’ve always had that love of going off and adventuring, and finding those little hidden gems, I still quite like to get out of town whenever I can and can always go off and find a little corner somewhere to surf on your own.

Chasing Emerald Waves - Taz Knight | dryrobe®

Being a surfer in Ireland can be quite a challenge sometimes because conditions are just so unpredictable, you get a lot of storms coming in, like one after the other. You really have to pick your moments and find your windows. If you put your time in, you definitely get rewarded. It definitely isn’t easy.

The days when the winds are good are often the coldest days and it’s just like, you just have to deal with the cold because else you’re gonna miss those magic moments. [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Anytime you put yourself through adversity and then achieve something because of that, you’re gonna feel good about yourself. And after a while, you start loving it..

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