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What is Life Coaching – Definition of Life Coaching Explained

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Hi. It’s Ruth and today I’m talking about what life coaching is. So life coaching is one of those terms that we hear a lot but what do they actually do? I remember thinking that a life coach was someone who is very old, he’s lived a lot and he was going to share all of their experience and knowledge and advice. But it’s actually the opposite.

A life coach is somebody whose job it is to help you take action towards your goals. They’re going to uncover what’s going on for you through excellent questioning, listening and raising your self awareness. So a life coach doesn’t need to have done what you what you want today. They do need to be a good listener, they do need to ask the right questions and they do need to make sure that you’re focused on a specific goal.

That goal could be something like increasing your confidence, getting a new job, doesn’t really matter what it is but it’s a forward focus.

What is Life Coaching - Definition of Life Coaching Explained

Life coaching isn’t therapy. You don’t look backwards unless you’re looking at the source of things like beliefs. It’s more about looking forward and moving you towards a place where you want to be away from maybe a place that you don’t want to be. Life coaches come in all shapes and forms. They help people with their confidence.

They help people to get a better balance. They help you be more productive. The coaching element is a way for you to raise yourself awareness and make consistent changes and they take time. So life coaching isn’t a quick fix. It’s something that I would generally recommend to have sessions over at least a three month period, so you can start implementing and making those changes.

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