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Reiki: Healing Through Touch

Hi, I’m Carole Hudak with Lake Health. Integrativemedicine Reiki is a technique for reducingstress and tension that also promotes healing.A non-intrusive oriental art of hands-on healingthrough touch. Reiki is often used in conjunctionwith medical treatments. During a session, theclient lies comfortably on a table.

Fully clothed.The reiki practitioner places their handson or above the client’s body in specific energylocations, using a series of 12 to 15 differenthand locations.
There is no pressure, massageor manipulation, Reiki complements all types, oftreatments and therapies. In addition, reikican be used to relieve pain and discomfort.It can reduce stress anxiety.

It can reducethe negative impacts of medical treatments andtherapies and it can help build the immune system.
Reiki treats the whole person body, emotions, mind and spirit, creating many beneficial effectsincluding, a feeling of peace and relaxation security and well-being.

Reiki feels likea warm glowing radiance flowing through andaround you, People who receive reiki describe itas being intensely relaxing A typical sessionis 60 minutes 30 minute sessions, arealso available
Consistency is importantfor, better health Contact, a member of ourteam to determine the best schedule for you. You

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