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Making Willow Baskets

hi i’m jackie and i’m going to show you how to make a basket willow basket i’m going to choose six matched rods they’re about the same thickness at the base the only tool that you really need if you’re going to be doing any basket making and this is a bodkin you can also use a screwdriver if you’re just starting out you’ve got to make the base well because everything that you put in the basket is going to rest on the base so it has to be sort of well staked up otherwise it might all come apart that’s when you don’t want it to this willow you wouldn’t be able to use it in this way if it hadn’t have been soaked and traditionally they say that you need to soak it for one day per foot of length so the six foot rods have been in the tank for six days plus one day which is left out of the tank which is said to mellow the willow not to let the willow know who the boss is and so old lots of old basket-making terms such as taking the spite out of the willow some of the willows i i grow myself like the the flanders red here in this one um but this is commercially grown willow and it comes from a company called musgroves they’re in somerset and um because traditionally somerset was well known for growing a lot of willows on the somerset levels um and i like to support them so they’re a nice family-run business and i’d recommend them the thing about the willow is that if you you’ve got to prepare it in advance so you’ve got to know that next week you’re going to be making a basket so if you want to make a basket next week you’ve got to start soaking it on such and such a day for whatever length of rod and once it’s soaked you can keep it for a certain length of time it won’t last forever so you have to either use it up or dry it and once it’s been soaked once it’s never as good the second time when i’ve worked with people who’ve been um maybe had you know got some sort of you know mental health issues going on they’ve found it enormously beneficial because you’re in the moment with it you kind of you can’t concentrate on anything else other than what you’re doing right now and um and then afterwards you’re like oh so that was then that happened then and now you know you’ve put something between maybe what was an unpleasant experience but one of the things i really like about basketry is that this is what we’ve always done and we’ve always found the plants growing near us and found a way of turning them into something that’s useful and beautiful something that enhances our our lives and and people have usually done it together they’ve done it as a group making chatting sharing stories and when you do that you’re connecting with that that tradition which is really lovely you know really nice people always say when i’m demonstrating they always say oh i expect it’s really hard on your hands and i sort of say well perhaps it is but i’ve got used to it and um actually it’s it’s really really nice to be working with your hands really nice and this is exactly the same willow as this may even have come from the same plant um but what they do to turn it into buff willow is they boil it in the tank i’m not sure for how long and the bark the colour of the bark colours the rod then they put it through a stripping um brace that takes all the bark off and the rod is left this kind of buff honey color to get the white willow they um they harvest the willow and then they they put it in a barrel of water so that the willow starts to grow and then come may they just take it straight off the bark the sap’s rising and they can strip the the bark off and then they put the willow into a tub of sulfur dust that keeps it white otherwise it starts to go mouldy there are lots of different kinds of baskets using looped and knotted techniques with materials that aren’t sort of so strong as this you know like different kinds of nets in papua new guinea they make these incredible bags that they carry their babies in they’re so beautiful and they’re all made out of vines all looped it takes them about a month to make a bag you know so they’re very special you know and um somewhere somebody or other somebody has worked out how they made them you know it will last for years if it’s um if it’s not left in a damp condition if it’s otherwise it has a tendency to maybe go mouldy or um sometimes you see old baskets and they’ve been left somewhere where unfortunately the woodworm has got them and and if they’ve been if they’ve been attacked by woodworm then they really need to be treated to kill the wood worm otherwise the woodworm will just eat the insides of the rod and before you know it the basket will be a pile of dust unfortunately final one oh yeah one small round basket with french brand in two colors let’s trim those two off you

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A Hartford doctor’s advice on preventing show shoveling injuries

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Connecticut app, and with the heavy, wet snow on the way, we need to talk about safety. According to Harvard Medical School, about 100 people die every year in the US during or just after shoveling snow. Most of them are men, many more people are admitted to the hospital because of a medical emergency. Related to shoveling, and a study in Canada from 1981 to 2014 found that if more than eight inches of snow fell, there was a 16% increase in admissions compared to days with no snow.  Here is the weather forcast.


The more it snowed and the longer it snowed, the higher the rates of heart attacks.

Now, given that we’re speaking with a doctor about ways to prevent and reduce the risks, given that we’re speaking with a doctor about ways to prevent and reduce the risks. Joining us now is Doctor Annamie Singh, medical director of Emergency medicine at Hartford Hospital. Thank you so much for being here.


Now, those statistics are pretty shocking. Are there certain patients who have certain health risks that you recommend?

Not shovel snow at all. >> So a person who is not in good physical shape will not all of a sudden start running at seven miles per hour. So consider this an equivalent of the same. So if you are not in a good physical shape, or if you have a compromised heart and have been told by your doctors not to physically exert yourself , then you should definitely consider not shoveling at all because it causes a lot of stress on your cardiovascular system. >> Definitely something to take into consideration.

Now, what are some of the heart attack signs that men and women should watch out for? >> So the typical heart attack signs that we all hear and, uh, are aware about is chest pressure, difficulty breathing.


A Hartford doctor's advice on preventing show shoveling injuries

But sometimes the signs and symptoms can vary and can be a little bit confusing and can be as gentle as just this generalized feeling of weakness and overbearing. Exhausting Sometimes it can be nausea, sometimes it can be like headedness. So the typical the typical symptoms might not be present.

And this is especially true for females and for diabetic people, as well as people on the more older side. >> Of course, back injuries are pretty common when shoveling. If someone unfortunately strains their muscles, how do you recommend treating that at home and when does it become a situation where someone needs to go see a doctor? >> First of all, you should make sure that your posture is right, that your back is well supported , that your core is braced to support your back, but if it happens, then the one of the things that we highly recommend is rest resting itself can help your body recover much faster.


Then depending upon your preference, use cold packs or heat packs can help with the symptoms as well.

If there is no contraindication, then taking Tylenol or any other paracetamol formulation or ibuprofen formulation in the recommended dosage are the first couple of medications that we generally recommend for people with back pain. I would be very, very careful if this was excruciating pain, which is unlikely. What you experience when you go through a back pain. Other symptoms to watch out for would be numbness or, uh, loss of sensation or tingling in your legs. Uh, any problem peeing or, uh, any weakness?

Uh, not an inability from the pain, but actual weakness that you are experiencing in your lower extremity.


Those are the signs and symptoms which really worries us. >> Do you have any other tips you’d like to share to help people stay safe ahead of this snowfall? Avoid driving if you can during heavy storms because, uh, trauma and accidents are some things that we often see in Ed after especially the first snowstorm, we see a lot of slips and falls happening right after the first snowstorm. >> So be very careful, especially if you’re on the older side.

Our propensity to sustain fractures even from, uh, smaller, low level falls, increases. >> All right. Doctor Singh with.


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Chasing Emerald Waves – Taz Knight | dryrobe®

I can’t really remember the first time I came out to Ireland. Definitely from around the ages of like 12 to 16, we’d be here every summer camping out of our old school bus that we had, and surfing as much as possible, and just having a good time with the family. For us, it was like our second home in a way and when you have those nostalgic memories of a place, you’re always drawn back to it. Around the end of 2018, I kind of moved out here and I’ve been here for about four years. [Music] When we grew up surfing here as kids, we’d always just be wandering around finding little waves to surf on our own and it was a really great, fun way to explore the coastline.

Because I’ve always had that love of going off and adventuring, and finding those little hidden gems, I still quite like to get out of town whenever I can and can always go off and find a little corner somewhere to surf on your own.

Chasing Emerald Waves - Taz Knight | dryrobe®

Being a surfer in Ireland can be quite a challenge sometimes because conditions are just so unpredictable, you get a lot of storms coming in, like one after the other. You really have to pick your moments and find your windows. If you put your time in, you definitely get rewarded. It definitely isn’t easy.

The days when the winds are good are often the coldest days and it’s just like, you just have to deal with the cold because else you’re gonna miss those magic moments. [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Anytime you put yourself through adversity and then achieve something because of that, you’re gonna feel good about yourself. And after a while, you start loving it..

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Intro to search engine optimisation (SEO)

(narrator) Hello. Welcome to our introduction to Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. We’re going to be finding out how search engines understand your website, so you can tweak it accordingly. This means your content will be shown to lots more potential customers. First up, some advice from Adrian on how learning about SEO really helped his business.

Optimizing my site for organic search has been absolutely essential. I wouldn’t want to be in a position where I’m just running a site just on ads. It needs to be ads and organic– that’s a fully balanced business model. Get your site completely sorted out. Make sure your site is as clean as it can be, looks great, works in response to theme, to make sure every page on your site is doing what it’s supposed to do.

The first thing I do in the morning is click to see where I am for “Best Man’s Speech”. I’m nudging on page two of Google now which to me is like Christmas. If I have the best site with the best information, I will stand out.

And that’s the plan. Simple.

Every day millions of people search online, for everything from airline tickets to zoos. This means there are millions of opportunities for businesses to appear in front of potential customers. Let’s say you own a small farm and want to expand by selling your produce online. SEO helps search engines understand better what you have to offer. This means when someone searches using a word or phrase related to your business like, let’s say, “heirloom tomatoes”, you’re more likely to appear in their results.

When a search engine returns results, some of them are paid advertisements. The rest are unpaid results that the search engine believes are relevant to the phrases entered into the search box. These are referred to as “organic results”. Search engines have formulas or algorithms that help them order the list of results. The search engines constantly scour the web for new content and try to make sense of it.

Where your website appears in these results is affected by the words you use on your site. “Fresh farm produce”, for example, as well as other factors, such as how many websites link to yours.

Intro to search engine optimisation (SEO)

Does this seem confusing? Well, how’s this? Think of a search engine like a matchmaker; the goal to find a searcher exactly what he or she is looking for on the web.

But how does this work? Well, to present the best possible results, the engines look for as much information as possible about websites. They might look at how popular sites are, or what other people or sites are saying about them.

They might consider words on web pages, or key words in the code of a page to better understand the topic. Each of these components will help search engines find the best match for your search.

Search engines can now also consider the searcher’s geographic location. A search from the UK will display a localized set of results. Chances are the same search originating from France will show different results. And with the explosion of mobile usage, search engines now consider the devices people use when they perform a search. But just like a matchmaker who’s been in business for years gets better and better, search formulas evolve and add more and more information along the way.

Are you wondering what you can do to make your site more attractive to search engines? We’ll touch more on this in other videos, but here’s a good starting point. What search engines value most is unique, engaging, relevant content, because their job is to find and show the most useful stuff. So there we have it.

Search is a simple thing to use and many of us use it every day.

But what’s happening behind the scenes is constantly changing. To effectively promote your website online, you’ve got to keep tabs on what search engines value most and make sure your website gives it to them. As we go along, we’ll tell you much more about how search engines work and help you to create a strategy for improving SEO in order to achieve your business goals..

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How To Combat Lower Back Pain — Pregnancy Pain Relief Techniques

Hey, I’m Dr. Gregg, with Align Wellness Center, here in Northbrook, Illinois. And if you, or someone you know is pregnant right now, they’re going to want to check out this video. You know, one of the most common problems that moms to be wind up having during their pregnancy is that they wind up experiencing lower back or neck pain. Now when you’re pregnant, one of the biggest things that becomes difficult is managing medications and or drugs when you’re going through the entire process.

Parents and moms want to be as healthy as they can be, and as natural as they can be, so that their developing baby can be as healthy as they can be as well. Now, according to the American Pregnancy Association, there are about five things that pregnant moms-to-be have had major issues with, that they can solve naturally by meeting with and getting under chiropractic care.

One of the most common ones that we wind up helping out with is lower back pain. Lower back pain winds up affecting about 50% of moms-to-be. And the reason that it winds up affecting them is when we look at the spine developing, is that as a woman becomes pregnant, their body composition changes.

Their stomach and abdomen winds up becoming larger. And the lower back winds up changing the position that it’s in, and the structure that it’s in, so it becomes stressed and strained underneath the change of physical positioning and posture. When a chiropractor works with a pregnant mom-to-be, we wind up looking to understand where are their misalignments, and where is motion improper within the spine, particularly the lower back and the pelvis, to help restore proper motion.

How To Combat Lower Back Pain — Pregnancy Pain Relief Techniques

Now this has been shown to help moms-to-be with reducing the level of pain that they experience during their pregnancy. Also, according to the American Pregnancy Association, they’ve found that chiropractic care can also help in reducing the length of time that a labor winds up being.

What an amazing thing to wind up doing. Helping a labor to be quicker can wind up making it easier on mom, easier on baby, and make it be healthier, and the need for less interventions. Additionally, they said that chiropractic care can wind up helping with reducing nausea, from morning sickness that moms wind up experiencing, as well as helping for them to maintain their flexibility. Now, I’m Dr. Gregg Gerstin, and we’ve worked with many moms-to-be in helping them to keep as healthy as they can be and as active as they can be during their entire pregnancy.

If you or someone you know is pegnant, and maybe having problems with lower back pain, or difficulty with getting through their pregnancy, please share this video with them, so they can understand that there’s a safe and natural method for them to get relief, and to help their baby stay healthy, and that they don’t need to rely on medications or drugs during their pregnancy, that can wind up affecting their developing baby.

Once again, I’m Dr. Gregg Gerstin with Align Wellness Center and I want to thank you, for letting me be a part of your health. (upbeat music).

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Back Pain Relief Exercises & Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you some stretches and exercises to relieve back pain. Let’s get started. So these stretches and exercises are just for general back pain. If you’ve got some soreness in your back or it’s aching a little bit, maybe you pulled a muscle, but not a specific diagnosis. This is just the the common aches and pains that you might have.

So let’s start off on your back. Prop up your knees and you’re going to start off with a pelvic tilt. So a pelvic tilt is just kind of how it sounds, you’re taking your pelvis and tilting it back or rotating it back. So you’re flattening out your back. Imagine that your hands are in that curve, or you can actually put them there, and then you’re pushing down into your hands trying to push them into the floor.

So it’s just that rotation or that tilt of your pelvis. So when you tilt back, you’re going to hold it about three to five seconds and then relax.

To start off with, doing about 10 of those or just holding it keeping those muscles those core muscles nice and tight and relaxing. After you do those, then you’re going to go into a bridge, just to really get that back loosened up, get those tight muscles out of there. So with the bridge, you’re just going to lift your hips up until about a straight line and then slowly come back down one segment at a time.

So you’re not just popping back down, you’re going nice and controlled. So slow controlled movement, again just start off with about 10 of these and then you can work your way up to more. But this is really just get everything loosened up, getting that tightness and soreness out of there, just helping the healing process to relieve the pain. Now you’re going to do a knee to chest stretch. So just take one knee, I like going underneath because if you happen to have any problems going on top that’s a lot of pressure on there, so just grab underneath and pull your knee up towards your chest as far as you comfortably can and hold that for about 30 seconds.

So you’re pulling it, you’re not actually actively moving it up, so just hold that stretch 30 seconds then come back down. Alternate the other side, hold that for 30 seconds as well, and then you’re going to do three on each side total. After you do those, then you’re going to do a double knee to chest. So now you’re just taking both and pulling up at the same time. Again some people like to go up on top kind of grab around like this, if you have any problems you might not want to do that, and you might just want to grab underneath, so whichever way is more comfortable, but again holding that for 30 seconds and doing three of those, nice and relaxed, feel that stretch.

Back Pain Relief Exercises & Stretches - Ask Doctor Jo

A lot of times you should feel that stretch kind of underneath that low back area right there. After you do three of those, now you’re going to a trunk rotation. Again just to kind of loosen that spine a little bit and help everything relax and get that soreness out of there.

So just both legs together trying to keep the top part of your body on the ground, and just rotate over as far as you comfortably can, hold that for about three to five seconds, and then rotate back the other way. So again to comfort not to pain, and then do five on each side just kind of rotating back and forth.

After you get those done, then you’re going to turn over and kind of get back on your feet here, or however far back you comfortably can, and then you’re going to put your arms out in front of you going into a prayer stretch as far as you comfortably can, and then bring your head down and just trying to stretch everything as far forward as you can, and again holding that stretch for about 30 seconds, feeling a nice stretch in that back, coming up, and then stretching all the way back down.

And then the last stretch exercise you’re going to do is kind of a yoga vinyasa move. So you’re going to come into the plank position here. You’re going to go down and then come up into your upward dog, hold that stretch for about three to five seconds, and then push back up pushing your heels down coming into the downward dog, and then holding that for about three to five seconds. You can go through that same motion about three to five times.

So there you have it, those are stretches and exercises to help relieve just general back pain. No specific diagnosis. Just if you have a tweaking in your back, or you picked up your dog trying to put it in the bathtub to wash them, and you got some soreness back there, hopefully that’ll help relieve everything. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you’d like to check out some other videos go to askdoctorjo.

com And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon. fulfilled.

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What is Life Coaching – Definition of Life Coaching Explained

Hi! It’s Ruth and today I’m talking about what life coaching actually is. If you want to subscribe to my channel I love to have you. It’s all things business, all things strategy, all things coaching, all things mindset. Subscribe here.

Hi. It’s Ruth and today I’m talking about what life coaching is. So life coaching is one of those terms that we hear a lot but what do they actually do? I remember thinking that a life coach was someone who is very old, he’s lived a lot and he was going to share all of their experience and knowledge and advice. But it’s actually the opposite.

A life coach is somebody whose job it is to help you take action towards your goals. They’re going to uncover what’s going on for you through excellent questioning, listening and raising your self awareness. So a life coach doesn’t need to have done what you what you want today. They do need to be a good listener, they do need to ask the right questions and they do need to make sure that you’re focused on a specific goal.

That goal could be something like increasing your confidence, getting a new job, doesn’t really matter what it is but it’s a forward focus.

What is Life Coaching - Definition of Life Coaching Explained

Life coaching isn’t therapy. You don’t look backwards unless you’re looking at the source of things like beliefs. It’s more about looking forward and moving you towards a place where you want to be away from maybe a place that you don’t want to be. Life coaches come in all shapes and forms. They help people with their confidence.

They help people to get a better balance. They help you be more productive. The coaching element is a way for you to raise yourself awareness and make consistent changes and they take time. So life coaching isn’t a quick fix. It’s something that I would generally recommend to have sessions over at least a three month period, so you can start implementing and making those changes.

If you liked this video and if you want to know more about life coaching, click here about my free downloadable, about what coaching actually is and if you’ve enjoyed this video and want to subscribe to my channel, I would love to have you. All things business, all things coaching, all things mindset.

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How to make Pancakes | Fluffy Pancake Recipe

This recipe makes the softest fluffiest pancakes and most if not all of the ingredients you should be able to find in your kitchen. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and whip these up for brunch this weekend. Start by measuring out a cup and half of all purpose flour into a large mixing bowl.

This recipe makes enough for 3-4 people so if you are cooking for more just double the recipe. You can find a printable version on my website, or check the information box below for the measurements.

In the same bowl as the flour measure out 4 teaspoons of baking powder.

4 may seem like a lot, but this is the secret to getting the softest, fluffiest pancakes. As the pancakes cook the baking powder is going to react and create an abundance of air, getting that perfect pancake texture. Lastly to the dry ingredients add a pinch of salt. You can add sugar here as well if you would like, around a tablespoon, but I prefer to add sweetness with toppings rather than with the actual pancake.

Use a wooden spoon to mix the dry ingredients together until they are combined. Set the bowl to the side. In a smaller bowl to mix together the wet ingredients. First crack in on large free range egg, followed by the milk. I’m using dairy but you can substitute with soy or almond if you would like.

To the egg and milk add in a 1/4 cup of cooled melted butter. Use a fork to mix everything together, making sure the egg is well incorporated. This is optional, but I love a hint of vanilla. Add half a teaspoon of pure vanilla essence and mix again.

How to make Pancakes | Fluffy Pancake Recipe

Make a well in flour and pour in the wet ingredients.

Fold the batter together with a wooden spoon until there are no longer any large lumps.. Make sure you’re not over mixing as this will lead to your pancakes being quite tough. I’ve kept these pancakes quite pain but if you do want to add blueberries or chocolate chips, or any other flavourings now would be a good time. When you are ready to cook the pancakes heat a heavy bottomed pan like cast iron over medium low heat.

When the pan has heated add a small amount of butter to the pan to melt. Scoop out about a 1/3 of a cup of batter and pour into the pan. Leave the pancake to spread on it’s own and cook for a few minutes. You’ll know it’s ready to flip when air bubbles start to form on the top. If you are unsure just use a spatula to lift up the side and check the bottom.

Flip and cook for a further few minutes on the opposite side.

If your pancakes are browning a little to quickly just adjust the heat. Place the cooked pancake on a plate and repeat with the next. You should get about 6 or 7 pancakes out of this recipe so continue until you are out of batter. Top the pancakes with maple syrup and any of your other favourite toppings.

Send me a photo if you try out this recipe, I would love to see your favourite pancake topping. Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed this recipe and I will see you in my next video. Bye..

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Acupuncture for Sinus Pressure and Congestion

Here is an example of what the needle looks like. We actually sometimes compare it to a cat’s whisker. It’s nothing like a hypodermic needle that you’ll see in a doctor’s office. We say about 10 of these would actually fit in the tip of the hypodermic needle. These are very fine so that’s why there’s really no pain really associated with acupuncture needling.

Let’s do the first needle. I am going to have you take a deep breath in. And exhale. Nacha: How are you doing? Dr.

Hart: Good, have you started? Nacha: And we will place one more on the other side. Anytime we needle, we always needle bilaterally. That means that we needle both sides. Nacha: How is that?

Dr. Hart: Good! Nacha: Great, and now you see me place a few constitutional needling points. One will be stomach 36. This point is one of our most nourishing points.

As I mentioned earlier, we like to use some nourishing points that are gonna have actually helped build the qi in the body. So it is this one here.

Acupuncture for Sinus Pressure and Congestion

One more we will try is long 7. As I mentioned earlier the long meridian is the meridian focused on building wei qi, that protective qi. There we go!

So that is what a sinus treatment would look like. We probably would add a few more needles but you are able to get the idea. Nacha: Dr. Hart, how do you feel? Dr.

Hart: I feel great. Nacha: Acupuncture actually induces a very deep relaxation during the treatment. Once all the needles are placed in, I will dim the lights and you will feel deeply relaxed. And almost everyone says that’s the best sleep they get usually after an acupuncture treatment. It really helps release all of those endorphins that help relax the system.

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to acupuncture..

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Jamie Oliver on making the perfect omelette – Jamie’s Ministry of Food

Hi guys,

Welcome to the ministry of food We gonna do omelettes. Omelettes are fantastic! They’re cheap, they’re flexible you can use all sorts of different things: crispy bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheeses, you name it! I think omelettes are the kind of thing that don’t really get the sort of credit that’s due actually if they are cooked beautifully they are incredible They are cheap! Eggs are one of the best forms of protein Go free range organic eggs!

You’ll be laughin’ Personally I use three eggs for a main course omelette Just crack them in like this Get your egg, crack it on the side, open it up… if for any reason you got shell in there use the half of the shell to get the shell out And if you try with your fingers, you’ll be going like this all night, and it won’t work! So, pinch of salt.


And pepper…

Like that! Some people put milk and cream… I don’t!

… At all!.

.. I got a pan, the right sized pan…

about, sort of, 7 inches, I guess… That’s on a medium heat whisk up your eggs..

. Just a little bit of oil… extra virgin’s obviously is a nicer way to go a knob of butter in there.

.. let that start to melt…

give it a cheevy about in the pan you wanna coat the bottom of the pan like that The great thing about omelettes and eggs is that if you get the first one wrong, then learn from it, try again and just get it perfect! If is too dark, cook it less If is too hard, cook it less If is too soft, cook it more So… we’re gonna turn that down a little bit there You want it about medium heat, don’t rush it, otherwise if you cook eggs too hard and too fast, you get this kind of horrible.

… ..

..horrible sort of crispiness to it which we don’t like…

Now, for the first 20 seconds…

You can bring in..

. the eggs… from the sides, like this.

.. and where is a gap, there, don’t worry just tilt the pan…

and then you can bring it in here, and then you can tilt the pan just like this, all right? and then, after about 30 seconds, you’ll wanna squiggle the egg around one last time and turn the heat down a bit and I’m putting a little bit of cheddar cheese in now you could use all sorts of different cheese… but I think cheddar cheese is just great you need the tiniest amount and this is just for a basic omelette so I just grate the cheese over the omelette like this.

.. You can see that the eggs still look a little soft around here That’s good news…

Coz the egg…you don’t want it to be overcooked and hard, You want it to be silky and delicious But, yes! You don’t want it raw!

So…just gonna let it just take over on a low heat now for about..

.40 seconds Just as this sort of…softness of the eggs just start turning.

.. You can just look at it, you can see it You can see the egg changed color Then you get your slice like this…

You can just go around the edges… don’t sort of over touch it..

. just go around the edges… and just lodge it.

.. non-stick pans for this, really essential, I think unless you got a good old cast-iron one See if you can move the omelette like that…

. Can you see how the omelette’s moving? all right. So in theory I shouldn’t get any grief So what I do then, is: I tilt the omelette away put my spatula..

into one side like this… get it underneath..

. I don’t want to overcook the omelette and then just flap it, like that, that’s all we want And that is heavenly you can see a tiny bit of colour there… which is.

..enough loads of colour and it’s gone hard…

Then all I do… is just serve it! And in the middle there.

.. you’ll have a beautiful omelette I mean that…

you know, as a snack, with a salad, cold meats… just on its own, a tiny bit of ketchup, lovely, chopped tomatoes, you can start making your own omelettes up just by frying, let’s say, mushrooms first, then..


doing your omelette like that… you could fry crispy bacon first and then put the eggs into it.

.. so you can really make so many different things out of an omelette And I want to show you inside, here what you don’t want is like an overcooked egg, cos’ it’s boring what you want is…

that sort of… fantastically soft..

. silky… sort of inside.

.. Can you see it in there? You want it to be soft and silky..

. Alright? It’s not a raw egg. Is just lovely..

. lovely melted cheese. 9 out of 10 Oliver See if you can get your eggs that good Good luck! And if you’re gonna pass that on home or at the work place this is a great dish to do Simple, but brilliant! Good luck!


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